Frontiers is a community-rooted, open-access academic publisher

Our grand vision is to build an Open Science platform where everybody has equal opportunity to seek, share and generate knowledge, and that empowers researchers in their daily work.

Frontiers is at the forefront of building this ultimate Open Science platform. By taking publishing entirely online, we drive innovations and develop new technologies to make peer-review more efficient and transparent, provide impact metrics for articles and researchers, are the first – and only – to merge open-access publishing with a research network platform, Loop, to catalyse collaboration and research dissemination and we popularize research to the public, including kids. Our mission is to increase the reach and impact of articles and their authors.

Frontiers today publishes several of the most cited Open-access journals in the world, is today one the largest and fastest-growing open-access publishers, receives millions of monthly page views, received the ALPSP Gold Award for Innovation in Publishing in 2014, has publishing agreements with many universities, and collaborates with Nature Publishing Group, Scientific American, Digital Science, OpenAire, CrossRef, OASPA, COPE, Jacobs Foundation, and others to advance Open Science worldwide.


A recent analysis we conducted on the Frontiers journals listed in the 2014 Journal (JCR) shows that Frontiers journals receive amongst the highest impact factors (IF) in open access, score on average in the top 12% compared to all 11'000+ journals listed in the 2014 JCR and are amongst the most-cited journals in the world.

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience is the #1 most cited journal in psychology, the #1 most cited open access neuroscience journal and the 10th most cited journal in all of neuroscience. Read the full analysis.

Frontiers in Psychology is the largest and the 2nd most-cited psychology journal in the world. Read the full analysis.

The field of Frontiers in Neuroscience is the #1 most cited and #1 largest Open Access publisher of Neuroscience.  Read the full analysis.

Frontiers in Pharmacology is the 2nd most-cited open access journal in Pharmacology and Pharmacy.   Read the full analysis.

Frontiers in Microbiology is the #2 most cited open access journal and the 5th largest Microbiology journal in the world. Read the full analysis.

Frontiers in Physiology is the #1 most cited and #1 largest open access journal in Physiology and the 4th most cited journal in all of Physiology. Read the full analysis.

Frontiers in Plant Science is #1 most cited and largest open access Plant Science journal and the #7 most cited journals in all of Plant Science. Read the full analysis.

More info:
  • Community-driven journals, with more than 55'000 world-renowned scientists and scholars as editors;
  • "Gold" open access for all articles, under the CC-BY Creative Commons license - the least restrictive CC license;
  • Research Topics spotlight the most specialized communities and enable leading researchers to manage the publication of article collections;
  • Collaborative Peer-Review: rigorous, fair, constructive, transparent and efficient as enabled by our custom-built "Review Forum" web software;
  • Impact Metrics: we pioneered online metrics for articles in 2008 and authors in 2011 and continuously improve them;
  • Tiering: high impact research articles are crowdsourced and "climb the tier" as "Focused Reviews" to reach a broader audience;
  • Frontiers for Young Minds: cutting-edge research for kids edited by kids together with top-level scientists.
  • Loop is the first open research network that takes publishing to the next level. We integrate your Loop profile into academic websites, starting with and article pages, and maximise discoverability and impact for your research.

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