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Communications Office General media inquiries, interviews with the Frontiers Executive Team, corporate communications, scientific news releases, editorial embargoes, and liaising with press offices +41 21 5101704
Event Office Events promotion, conference abstract publication on Frontiers website + 41 21 5101706
  For conference exhibition and sponsorships, please contact the relevant journal directly. journal contact emails here  

Each Frontiers Research Topic is a collection of articles published around a theme of cutting edge research. With over 2,500 topics posted to date, Frontiers Research Topics unite the world’s experts around one topic to stimulate dialogue and collaboration, and to accelerate science. They can be sponsored through foundations, institutions or corporations.

Benefits of sponsoring include:

  • Enhanced reach - To date, over 6,300 researchers have launched Research Topics and over 70,000 authors have contributed to them.

  • Global Readership – Frontiers Research Topic pages have received over 69,000,000 views and the articles have received over 18,000,000 views and downloads.

  • Increased visibility and exposure – Increase traffic to your website and content

  • Prestige and quality – Associate your brand with innovation and cutting edge research by association with key opinion leaders in the field while contributing to the advancement of science.

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